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Kaylee Sutton

Kaylee Sutton

People Person & Mathematician

Rhett Butler

Rhett Butler


Our story…

Kaylee and I were students once, not long ago in fact.

It was my dream ever since I was 12 years old to become an engineer or architect. My Legos and books about bridges kept me occupied for years until High School.

When I became a senior in High School, it seemed like it was a no-brainer that I would choose to study architecture. However, this wasn’t the case. I chose to major in Hospitality Management. Whoaaaaa, that’s way off from what I wanted to do, I know.

Except I was afraid of what it was like to actually do what architects do. I wouldn’t change anything about the decision I made but I’ve always wondered what it would be like if I had just talked to real-life architects to see for myself what I might have become!

So… here I am. I work at a technology company based in California and spent 6 years prior to that working in advertising & hotel management. I’ve been forntunate enough to focus my skills to become a website architect!

The moral of my story is, what if I spoke to real architects when I was choosing my college major.

How would my life be different? Curiosity leads to incredible decisions.

Best wishes,

Kaylee & Rhett

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