How Online Mentoring &
Career Exploration Works

How does career exploration work?

It starts by meeting people with lots of experience working in their career fields. The best way to find and explore those potential career paths is to connect and chat with professional mentors who work in the jobs you’re interested in. See how frankly will help you meet your mentor and explore fascinating new career ideas!


men·tor /ˈmenˌtôr,ˈmenˌtər/

An experienced and trusted person who gives another person advice and help, esp. related to work or school, over a period of time.

(according to the Cambridge dictionary)


Gain skills faster by avoiding the obstacles that your mentor faced

Benefits of Mentoring with Frankly

What do mentors do?

Mentors are people who provide trustworthy advice and knowledge to help you make better decisions in life, work, careers or learning. They know what you’re interested in and want to see you succeed! Professional mentors have often already experienced many of the challenges you’ll face and will give you better guidance to efficiently overcome those obstacles. The guidance that mentor’s share saves lots of time and often turns into better decisions and results.

Why do I need a mentor?

Having someone who supports your life and career decisions is becoming more important than ever. We live in fast moving and changing world. Mentors have years of experience in specific fields and are available to provide effective answers based on their years. Mentors also provide real-life “shortcuts” to make it easier for you to reach certain goals. There’s a vast world of knowledge and a wide network of other opportunities available for students through mentoring.

How do I know if mentoring is right for me?

According to Forbes, nearly 75% of executives claim that mentors were critical to their career development. Trying to navigate new paths alone can be really difficult, especially if you’ve never experienced hurdles that come with it. Career mentors help coach for interviews, make us more effective in work and risk averse in competitive job markets. The benefits of mentoring are limitless!

How can I find a mentor?

Frankly’s career exploration platform is designed to match students with professional mentors who work in a specific job or industry. Mentors are sometimes available through schools and local events. The easiest way is to join our community and connect online with real-world professional mentors.

Frequently Asked

How often are mentoring sessions?
You can book your own chats with mentors, or mentors can arrange times that meet both people’s schedules.

We encourage students and mentees to schedule multiple meetings with different mentors too!

How long is each session?
Initial discovery chats with mentors last between 15 – 30 minutes and take place over chat, phone or video calls. You decide what you’re comfortable with!
Can I connect with different mentors?
We encourage you to schedule multiple meetings with different mentors! Doing so will help you learn about different career paths to explore.
What does it cost to join frankly?

Learn about our membership plans and pricing here. Frankly was founded on the mission of helping to reduce financial burdens that students and families incur during “the learning years”.

Intro Meets with mentors are included in your membership plan. Additional time and costs beyond your initial meeting may depend on certain mentors.

How many mentors are available?
Frankly is currently home to over 30+ experienced mentors and will quickly be expanding out as we continue to learn more about your curiosities and goals!

Invite your friends and family to join as a student or mentor!

What if I'm not using my membership?
If you’re not finding value in the community, or don’t have the time anymore, you may cancel at anytime. Billing subscriptions will stop once you decide to end your membership plan. You also have the ability to upgrade or downgrade your plan as you’d like.

Be sure to take advantage of our 1 week trial.

Can I become a career mentor?
We encourage professionals with over 5 years experience in a particular field to join as a mentor. People applying to become mentors go through our verification process and must be able to provide a resume of their work history in order to join Frankly’s mentoring community.

Apply to become a mentor or share Frankly with someone you know!

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